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The power of the blood

By Andy Piggott, 20 May 2015  

The beatitudes from Matthew Chapter 5 are bundled up together and summarized in the cross.  At the cross Jesus is poor in Spirit, mourning and meek. He is hungering and thirsting (“I thirst”), merciful (“forgive them father, they know not what they do”), pure in heart (they pierced His side and water comes out from his heart), He is making peace and certainly is persecuted for righteousness sake.

We all know the beatitudes describe the ways of this new Kingdom Jesus Himself is bringing.  So the cross, as a summary of the beatitudes, describes the ways of this new Kingdom.  The cross is not just the gate in to the Kingdom, it is the ways, the how-tos of the new Kingdom we now live in.  It is the clearest picture of the power of this new Kingdom.

But power not how we’ve made it out to be in many modern minds.  We sing, “there is power, power, wonder working power in the blood….” And this is true.  Utterly true.  But not the way many picture how the truth of this power works.  Many modern minds have corrupted the message of the blood.  We can be forgiven for thinking that like garlic is to a vampire and water is to a witch from Wizard of Oz, that Jesus’ blood is to a demon. I don’t think so.

The blood speaks of the cross.  The blood is the cross. 

The cross speaks to the ways of the One who would willingly go to it.

Powerless – yet the most powerful act in history talked about by millions every day for the last 2000 years.

Ugly – yet the most beautiful thing you have ever seen when you see below the surface of human disfigurement and see a heart that would permit this to happen.

This is what the blood speaks to, not a magic fairy dust we sprinkle on demons.  It speaks to a new way of life, a cross-like life.  A life of self-giving sacrificial, deep, deep, amazing love.   This is not something we splash at demons and they run away screaming.  This is a lifestyle we live.  A Kingdom lifestyle.  (Obviously there is more to the cross than this, I am only narrowing in on one aspect of the cross - how it is the way of the Kingdom).  So biblically,  the blood points to the cross, the cross points to the One on it, the One on it points to a way of living that changes the world.

So yes, there is “power, power, wonder working power in the blood”.  When we see this as the lifestyle of deep amazing cross-like powerful love and yes, the demons will run and scream from that!  

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