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The Kingdom - But who is the King? Part 2

By Andy Piggott, 6 November 2012  

Last blog I began to share on the King of the Kingdom being both Father and Son, and how this causes the atmosphere of family to permeate every aspect of the Kingdom when it is released.  Please read Part 1 first if you have time.  This entry follows immediately on from that.


It is “the Kingdom of the beloved Son”.  NKJV says it is the Kingdom of the Son of His (the Father’s) love.  It is not stated as the Kingdom of the Son who loves the Father (although of course he does).  It is the Kingdom of the Son who is loved on by the Father.  ‘Beloved’ in this scripture, tells me two facts immediately about this Kingdom - It is the Kingdom of 1) a Father’s love pouring forth over His Son and 2) the Son saying “yes” and receiving this love.  This means that permeating our Kingdom, the Kingdom we live in, in the very essence of the atmosphere of our Kingdom, is the burning love of a Father towards sons and daughters. 

As we go preaching, demonstrating and releasing the Kingdom, in the very atmosphere of everything that is released, right there, is a Father’s love for sons and daughters.  The Spirit of a Father’s love for his children is super-charged into the atmosphere every time the Kingdom is released.  So when we align with this we are stepping into the super-charged Kingdom dynamic that accelerates and catalyzes Kingdom expansion.

Momentum is a powerful force.  Momentum has a direction.  When you align with the momentum of a moving train by hopping on board, going in the same direction, you go places.  Out of alignment, going in the wrong direction to the train and hitting it head on, momentum is your worst nightmare.  You are crumpled toast.  Alignment with momentum determines you going places.  Going against momentum you are pushing stuff up a hill at best, utter toast at worst. 

The momentum of the Kingdom of the beloved Son, is the Father’s love pouring forth towards the Son and the Son doing His part – receiving it.  Align with this and you’ll go places.  Your part is simple, be brave enough to say “yes” to the Father loving on you.  Receive His love.  Align with this and it will be as though you’re hurtling down the train tracks of the greatest rollercoaster ride of wonder heaven has to offer.  Align by advancing the Kingdom, as family, saying “yes” to receiving the Father’s love.  Step in tune with this love affair from the Father and you step in tune with the super-charger, the momentum of the Kingdom.  Your life will be marked with more miracles, signs and wonders than you ever dreamed.  The Spirit of the Kingdom is the Father’s love for His Son – step into this, experience it yourself, and you will manifest the Kingdom of God and you will reveal the King! 

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