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The Kingdom - But who is the King? Part 1

By Andy Piggott, 6 November 2012  

Matt 6:9-10 “Our Father….. Your Kingdom come”

Col 1:13 “…He rescued us from the power of darkness, and re-established us in the kingdom of his beloved Son, that is, in the kingdom of light.” (J B Phillips)

Huh, whose Kingdom is it?  “Our Father’s” or “His beloved Son’s”? 

The big deal at the moment in the Heavens and on the earth is the revelation surrounding the Kingdom of God.   There is a reformation taking place where we are moving out from a church world-view into a Kingdom world-view.  Kingdom is the new catch-word, the new by-line under every conference title and the word we are splashing right now in neon lights.  But what is it? 

The Kingdom is the outward expression of the inward heart of the King.  Let me illustrate.  If a king is powerful, if his advisors do not dominate his thoughts but he has true, unhindered authority to lead.  Then he will rule in a way that is congruent with his inner desires.  If his heart is generous then he will not allow tax rules to cripple the wealth of the people in the nation.  If He is just-hearted, then his courts and law enforcers will be known as enforcers of justice and justice will begin to reign in his nation.  After time the Kingdom, ruled out of his powerful heart, will outwardly express his heart.  So the Kingdom is the outward expression of the inward heart of the King.  Another way of saying this is that the King is the embodiment of the Kingdom.

Want to know how the Kingdom looks under a powerful king then?  Simple, look at the King.  How that King is, after his rule has had opportunity to be exerted over a period of time, eventually becomes how His Kingdom is.  The big deal about the Kingdom always has been and always will be – the King!

Matthew 6:9-10 says that it is the Father’s kingdom.  Colossians 1:13 says that it is the Beloved Son’s kingdom.  Who got it right?  Jesus or Paul? 

Both.  It is the Kingdom of the Father and the Son.  At the head of our Kingdom is not a single sovereign, but a Father and a Son.  What does this tell us?  At the head of our Kingdom, this very kingdom that is at hand and within, and that we have the keys of – is not a single ruler, but a deeply relational family.  Relationship and family, father and son, is at the fountain head of our kingdom, spilling forth and permeating the entire Kingdom.  In Christianity, the heartbeat of the Kingdom is family.

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