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The awareness we walk in - A lesson well learnt

By Matt Lansdowne, 13 April 2012  

A few years ago (in fact more than I can remember) I found myself doing something that God has used to burn a lesson into my spirit that He needed me to learn. I was at a Sunday night service at the Church I used to belong to in Auckland NZ. It was at the end of the message and I was asked to come and pray for people that needed physical miracles. I was pumped! So excited about seeing God work in peoples bodies.

At this time of my life miracles, signs and wonders had just begun to be a very frequent part of my weekly, if not daily life. Everyone that I prayed for I expected to get healed and most did. My friends and I were seeing God do absolutely amazing things in people’s lives. My faith and expectation had found a new high water mark. But that night I met a young man on the healing line that seemed to stop my faith dead in its tracks.

As I approached him I could see in his countenance that he was completely and totally NOT expectant that God would heal him. I found out that he’d injured his shoulder in an accident.  I went to pray for him - as I did he stopped me and let me know that he had only come up out of obedience to God and stated that he was almost positive that he was not going to get healed. I suppose he felt that he needed to prepare me for a potentially disappointing outcome. What I found took me by surprise; I found that all of my expectation for his healing evaporated and I couldn’t get it back. I quickly prayed a token prayer, thanked him for allowing me to pray for him, and quickly left without even having him check it out. I have no idea if he got healed or not, but I have an inkling that he didn’t.

I got home that night slightly discouraged and asked God, “what the hang just happened? Why did I all of a sudden loose all expectation? And how can I stop that happening again?” His response I can remember as if it were yesterday. He said, “Out of a need to empathize you came under his cloud of disappointment and hopelessness but you didn’t need to do that. The only cloud I require you to come under is the cloud of my Glory.”

John G Lake, a man that changed the face of the planet by the power and glory of God (one of my greatest heroes) said the following,

Christianity has a secret, bless God, the secret of divine power, the secret that makes it different from all other known religions. It is the secret of the CONSCIOUSNESS that it contains, and the CONSCIOUSNESS that Christianity contains is due to the fact that the Spirit of the triumphant Son of God, who had entered into death, who had experienced resurrection and thereby power over death, who had ascended in triumph to the right hand of God and sat down a victor, was poured forth upon the world. He poured forth His own living Spirit, containing that CONSCIOUSNESS. Consequently, when the Spirit of Christ came upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost, it produced in them, of necessity, that which was in the mind of Christ, the same CONSCIOUSNESS of power and victory and dominion and Christlikeness that was common to the nature of Jesus Himself as He sat down in triumph at God’s right hand.”  

I realized that what I choose to put my attention on is what I will, by default, be conscious of. What I am most conscious of is what I will come into agreement with (even if this is against my will). And what I come into agreement with is what I will empower and manifest. I had let one man’s atmosphere of hopelessness and doubt take my consciousness and attention off of the victory, power, triumph, and glory of God that is my inheritance in Christ.

What ever we are most aware of is what we will manifest and minister to the people around us. If I let hopelessness steal my attention from the Presence of God I will find my self wanting to minister God, but only able to release what the person already has, in this case, hopelessness. Since that Sunday evening I have made it a major emphasis of my life to guard the atmosphere of His Presence that I walk in. I have come to experientially agree with John G Lake, that the secret of Christianity is in the consciousness that it contains!  It is an outstanding truth that if I can learn to think like Jesus and be aware of what He is aware of I will live just like Him.

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Matt Lansdowne

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