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Supernatural Belonging

By Stephen Scott, 6 July 2017  

Deep inside every heart is a place longing to be known, to be seen and to be experienced. This longing in our hearts is a cry to be a part of something bigger than just ourselves - to be a part of something where there is an undeniable connection to one another. This desire in the heart of humanity was a good gift given by the Father at the very beginning, who by nature, was the very answer to this cry. I first encountered this gift from the Father while weeping on the floor of a church in Tauranga.

For you see God has always been a family and his highest value has always been relationship.  

This family is a relational environment of divine love from one heart to another heart. Leif Hetland describes this flow of relationship in the Trinity through the metaphor of the Waltz; two partners moving together step by step and hand in hand. They lean intimately in and out of one another. This love in the heart of the Trinity was so extravagant that a dream was born to expand the family. In Genesis 1:26 we catch the first glimpse of this, “Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” Adam was the first son born out of this dream and he was made in the image of family; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then the family became four and the love in the heart of the Trinity expanded to another, but there was still something missing. Adam had an unhindered, face to face relationship with God, yet he still felt like he was alone. This is because God created him with a desire in his heart to belong to another. We see this in Genesis 2:18, “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” This helper was Eve, another human that Adam could belong to and start a family with that could fill the Earth with the dream of God. . Little did I know that I would soon encounter the reality of this dream in His heart for humanity.

His dream has always been Family.

As we all know, the dream that was born in the heart of God and started in Eden did not go to plan. Adam and Eve were deceived by the devil and ate of the fruit God said not to. Out of the shame deep in their hearts they hid from God when He came to find them and they covered themselves from Him and each other. God never turned His heart away from humanity in that moment, humanity turned their heart away from God. Shame caused them to see Him differently. A family had started in Eden and expanded all over the Earth, but they had lost sight of His heart.

This encounter was a glimpse into the heart of God and forever has changed me. It happened during one of the schools that Bethel Church NZ was running in Tauranga. Our worship team was singing a prophetic song over the crowd and I entered into an encounter with the Father like never before. Unlike times in the past where it has felt as if it was only the Father and I in a room of hundreds, this time it felt like the room of hundreds became one heart connected to the heart of God. There was a supernatural connection in the atmosphere of the room. My own heart felt like it was fused to the heart of others. I was brought down to my knees in tears at the weight of His presence as I looked over the crowd and saw people were gathering together to be with one another. There was a divine love drawing people together like I had never felt before. You did not have to tell people in that moment to gather around each other, the Father was bringing us back to one another just like He had always wanted it to be.

A room of hundreds became like one heart.

Jesus didn't just came to the Earth to die on the cross for our sins. He came to reveal our Father and die on the cross to bring us back home. Humanity thought sin separated us from God and Jesus came to end that separation for eternity. His dream for family to fill the Earth didn’t end in Eden, it was the only the beginning. There is a longing in each of our hearts to find our way back to one another and come home together. There is a seat at the family table for you and a marking on your life to see His family come back together.

You belong to the Father. You belong to one another. You belong to family. Will you receive this good gift given to you by the Father?


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