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State of Being

By Andy Piggott, 14 May 2015  

"I had heard of people getting visions, trances and all sorts of encounters and prophetic experiences, but it never happened for me", responded the aged apostle to me.  "I'd fasted weeks on end for many years for visions but I didn't get a single one" he continued. Personally, I was deeply engaged in this conversation, the old man had seen thousands of churches planted, undoubtedly over one million souls born again, probably hundreds of thousands of physical miracles including countless wheelchairs emptied and blind seeing, and I felt I was about to discover something that would help me profoundly.  I wasn't disappointed.

"Until one day", he said, "finally, a vision began to open up before me.  As it began to open before my eyes I said, 'Stop Jesus, I want to understand my state of being so I can understand how to receive these as normal in my life'.  Then I proceeded to think about how I was feeling in this moment, my state of being, what position I had found myself in, anything I had done differently leading up to this moment, my emotional state, my bodily state, I studied myself to see how I was in that moment that the vision opened up before me.  I then went over that process twenty times, I wanted to never forget that state.  Once I was sufficiently satisfied I would not forget my state of being for visions, I said, 'Okay Jesus, now show me the vision' and then the vision began to unravel before me and I received my first open vision. Now I know one way of how I receive visions when the Lord wants to give me a vision".

Do you remember your most heroic moment with Jesus?  Maybe the time you stepped out in more boldness and felt more alive than ever before.  These are like memorial stones for me in my life, my insurance policies against ever becoming depressed.  If I'm ever feeling my emotional state plummeting downwards, the times I have disciplined myself to remember the days when I came alive in God, the grace moments where Jesus and I did great things, He was with me, I was alive.... Remembering those moments helps put me back on the joyful track of faith with Jesus.  

But what if I could begin to live in that place?  What if, before every time I stood up to preach, I could be in that state of being, where I had once experienced before where the power of God flowed through me like liquid fire and arthritis began to melt out of bodies 2 metres away from me?  What if I felt those same feelings of a miracle-power-faith rising up on the inside of me every time I spoke? Why, I'd have a new fire in my eyes, a confidence in God oozing from my core.

After hearing that great man of God speak this way, his heart bent on discovering the "ways of God" like Moses, instead of the "works of God" like Israel, I began to ask questions of the Holy Spirit.  "Holy Spirit, in that moment when I was partnering with your Spirit and we saw great miracles, what was my state of being?", or "Holy Spirit, that time when I felt so connected with you that I was weeping in overwhelmed wonder, what was my state of being?, or "Holy Spirit, that time when the word of knowledge flowed out of me sharp, detailed and powerfully, what was my state of being?".  And together with the Holy Spirit, we process how I felt, what I did, my emotional state, my bodily posture, the feeling of the Spirit in me and on me... I begin to discover patterns, simple things I did and was.  

"Oh Andy, isn't this works based, trying to perform to get God to move, He won't be put in to formulas?!" No, there is not a drop of performance in here.  I'm not talking about ways of performance to get God to move, I'm talking about a God who is always moving, and you figuring out your alignment with His movement!  How do you receive a word of knowledge the most powerfully?  How do you manifest His presence the most effectively?  Begin to ask these same questions, you will begin to discover how God moves uniquely through you as you align with His Spirit.  You can live powerfully with the Holy Spirit this way and begin to change the world!  I suggest you give it a crack!


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