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Silver Tongue of Proclamation

By Wayne Johns, 18 November 2015  

Gen 1:27 tells us that human beings are made in God’s image.  That is a wonderful and profound reality that distinguishes us from every other life form on the planet.  We have dignity, we have meaning and we have the opportunity to connect with the God who created us. 

Since we are created in God’s image, we are obviously designed, as created beings, to be like Him - like Him in character, thoughts, actions and words.  One of the benefits of our incredible identity is complex and articulate speech. Therefore, most people who are born into the world have the opportunity and ability to speak.

Proverbs 10 verse 20 says that, “The tongue of the righteous is like choice silver; the heart of the wicked is worth little.”

Based on this proverb, our own culture calls an articulate speaker ‘silver tongued.’  However, this verse is not talking about being articulate, but about being righteous. 

Biblically speaking, a righteous person is not perfect in every way, but is in a right relationship with God (1 John 1:5-10). 

So the meaning of the verse in Proverbs is that the person who is right with God has a tongue like silver.

What is the practical meaning of having such a tongue?

Psalm 12 verse 6 says,  “The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver tried in the furnace of the earth, purified seven times.”

The silver tongue is the one that carries the words of God.

This is not just a matter of quoting the Bible (which is great), but also includes sharing how He feels about the aspirations and struggles of those whom He loves.  It is the prophetic voice that announces the truth of God so that we can see, believe and become that all that our loving heavenly Father has intended us to be.  It is the voice of love that does not release condemnation, but calls us forward and upwards into our divine destiny.

It is the voice of transformation that does not leave us unchanged, untouched and unchallenged, but identifies what needs to change so that we can more fully embrace the love and life He offers. 

It is the voice of gratitude and worship from a heart that loves much because much has been forgiven. 

It is the voice of courage that speaks out not only among those who agree, but also among those who disagree, when other voices remain silent in fear.

Contrary to all of the above, we live in a generation of quiet Christians.  If the Lord Jesus Christ and the Christian faith are denied or ridiculed, in whatever setting, there is usually very little response from believers.  This has not always been so. 

Many Christians in past generations have stood up for their faith and brought dramatic improvements to society because they knew they had a voice and were willing to use it.  The silver tongue of the righteous has brought positive transformation regarding the value of human life and the dignity of women and children.  It has brought revolutionary progress in the areas of poverty, health care, education, economics, science, justice, art, architecture, music and literature.  This is historical fact.

Unfortunately many of us have little understanding of this and assume that silence is golden.  But in this context, silence is not golden.  We need to hear again the words of the righteous, the speech of silver that boldly announces God’s heart without shame to a generation that has lost its way.

If you have aligned you life with Jesus, then you are part of the answer.  Forsake the golden silence that creates nothing, but rather let loose the silver tongue of the righteous.

The good news is that in the kingdom of God, silver leads to gold. The herald, John the Baptist made way for Jesus to be revealed to the world.  The silver tongue makes way for the golden glory of the One who loves you to be known.

Therefore speak.  Speak the words of life.  Speak the language of a pure land - the kingdom of God.  Do it now.

By WAYNE JOHNS - Scripture Laboratory

About Wayne Johns

Wayne Johns has taught in Bible Schools for many years and is a skilled teacher in the Scriptures

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