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Releasing Heaven Mini School

By Matt Lansdowne, 6 March 2013  

As the body of Christ we are in the midst of a glorious transition. We are moving from acting as orphans and mere hired servants without a place in the Fathers house to embracing our true identities as His royal, beloved sons and daughters. We are beginning to serve from the foundation of our sonship and live in the abundance and freedom of having a place in His house, a space in His heart, and access to all of His Kingdom. We are leaving the orphan life where we find ourselves trying to twist God’s arm for a crumb, to embracing the life of a son where we are now eternally seated at the dinner table of our loving Father where all of our needs are met and all of our desires fulfilled.

According to Ephesians 2:6 and Hebrews 4 we have both continual access to the throne of grace, and are eternally seated (past tense) in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We no longer need to plead and beg God for Him or His Kingdom to come. We can now – from that Heavenly place of authority, as His sons and daughters – freely release the Kingdom just like Jesus did, and watch with glee as His enemies get demolished before our eyes. We no longer live from Earth to Heaven – rather we are invited and called to live from Heaven to Earth! 

Releasing Heaven is a mini school aimed at releasing keys and impartation to empower and equip people to fully embrace and activate the “Heaven to Earth” lifestyle. To engage with the unseen and operate in the Spirit with authority, boldness, and effect. The purpose of this 3 day school is to equip and activate you to build and construct the will of God in and around your life in a practical way, and to empower you to release the dominion of Heaven into the world around you.

For more information and to register for Releasing Heaven or other KLS Mini-Schools go to

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