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Reaping the fruit of our thoughts

By Matt Lansdowne, 22 March 2012  

The following is a testimony from some of our interns about Heaven invading some people’s lives in our city a week or 2 ago. I’m so proud of these guys! Our city, nation, and world is better off because of them and the way that they’ve chosen to live and look at life.

We were on our way to the library after a glory filled conversation about what possibilities there are when you fully allow yourself to experience God’s glory with all of your 5 senses. We were discussing with each other what it would be like to live a life completely saturated in Heavens’ atmospheres. Our imaginations were going wild with thoughts of the miraculous. It hadn’t really crossed our minds that what we were imagining was about to manifest into reality…

Half way to the library we saw a young lady hobbling across an intersection with the assistance of a crutch and a bandage on her right foot. This excited us! Once she’d reached the other side she sat down on a brick wall to rest her injured foot. Naturally we decided to bless her.  

 “Excuse me, what happened to your foot?” we asked. We found out she had been in crippling pain for a week so we asked her if we could pray for her. She agreed to let us pray for her, to let Heaven invade her life!

After finding out the pain level of her foot, we laid hands on her and released Heaven’s atmosphere. This was what we had been imagining just moments before – you really do reap the fruit of your thoughts.

"Oh my goodness!!” she screamed, “There’s actually no pain there!”

We were all ecstatic!

“Test it out… Do something you couldn’t do before!” We encouraged.

“Walk to that pole and back…. Now take your bandage off”

Slowly she unwrapped her bandage handed us her crutch and began walking to the pole. She was so overwhelmed. After walking to the pole and back, putting pressure on her foot and jumping up and down, we all began rejoicing and praising Jesus. Although she had a faith in God, she had never experienced anything like this before.

God is waiting for us to take opportunities like this so that He has room to move in people’s lives. Just think if we hadn’t been focusing on the fact that we carry God’s glory with us everywhere we go, we could have missed an amazing miracle. After prophesying over her and just loving and encouraging her, she told us that it was her birthday the day before and that she wished we had met her then because she was having a hard day. This one action trumped her bad day and made the rest of her week. Praise Jesus!


Blessed, healed, and happier than ever



Remaining in a glorious state, minds and hearts set on the solid fact that He was with us (and still is), we continued our excursion to the library. Coming out from the Library, we noticed another woman with crutches, this time in both hands! We were experiencing the Presence of God so strongly, and were so excited for the lady that had just been healed, there was no hesitation. We bowled on up to her expecting God to repeat what had just happened only moments before.

We sat her down and began to pray for the reconstruction of her achilles tendon, which had been injured and was in need of surgery before she could put weight on it. While we were praying we felt movement in the injured tendon area. We asked her to try to do something she couldn’t prior to our quick 10 second prayer.

“Well I couldn’t do this before” she said in amazement as she moved her foot left and right, up and down.

She was so overwhelmed and thankful that we had taken the time to love on and bless her. She then prayed over us and thanked God for what He had done and what He is doing in Whangarei (our city). We blessed each other, said our goodbyes. She left carrying her crutches over her shoulder, skipping with delight to her car.

If it’s true that we reap the fruit of our thoughts, that the world we cultivate on the inside of us is the world that will manifest around us, we would all do well to watch what and how we think. It would do us all good to follow Paul's advice in 2 Corinthians 10:5 and bring every thought captive into the obedience of Christ. Maybe it is true that Jesus first message is still of uttermost relevance today… “Repent (change the way you think to think like Me) for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. I believe the more we think like Him the more we will walk like Him until we all start living the normal Christian life demonstrated by Jesus and our interns on their library trip. 


By Matt Lansdowne, Jared Peeters, and Pumuka Werohia

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