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Phillipines Testimonies - Part I

By Matt Lansdowne, 21 September 2012  

Recently I had the honour of leading a team of 13 hungry revivalists from my Church (one from Morewa just north of my city) to the Philippines. Personally this was my 3rd trip to the Philippines but for our Church it was our first international mission trip – a first of many and massive mile stone event for us. We went to 3 cities (Bagiuo, Los Banos, and Butuan) partnering with apostolic ministries and great friends in each city.

We released the Kingdom of God in hospitals, Churches, orphanages, slums, malls, government buildings, a congressman’s home, and in leadership conferences seeing God do incredible things everywhere we went. Blind eyes saw, deaf ears heard, paralyzed limbs are moving again, and multitudes were impacted by the love, power, presence, and joy of the Lord. In one meeting the Joy of the Lord broke out so much that people laughed themselves to sleep and some laughed them selves awake again in the morning! We were able to record and briefly document 462 physical miracles during the trip. The following are some specific highlight testimonies from myself and some of my team for your encouragement.   


Miracles in a village house – Lia Smith

While we were in Butuan City in the Philippines, our team went to Ampayon, (a small village outside of the city) to go door-to-door looking for people who needed to encounter God. During our expedition we (Myself and my 2 interpreters Ria and Nera) went to a small hut and asked the elderly lady sitting inside if anyone in the house was in pain. She invited us in and called another woman into the room. She had pain in her ear and head, which we prayed for and she was instantly and completely healed. A couple of other woman quickly gathered and we prayed for a couple of them who were also completely healed, then the first woman told us that she was %100 deaf in one ear. We had her check by covering her good ear and then speaking into her deaf ear and she said that she couldn’t hear anything in that ear. We prayed once, commanding the ear to open, then asked her if there was any difference. She said she could hear, and we checked it again by having her cover her bad ear and speaking, then having her cover her good ear and speaking. She said that the bad ear wasn’t as loud as the good ear, so we asked if we could pray again. I asked a little girl who was watching us if she would pray with us, and she put her hand on the woman’s ear and told it to open. We checked it again after she had prayed and her ear had opened more, but was still not quite the same as her good ear, so we prayed again. The fourth time, both ears were exactly the same! All in the house were very excited and wowed by the goodness of God.


More Ampayon testimonies – Matt Lansdowne

This was my third time ministering in Ampayon village in Butuan (a village of, at a guess, ten thousand people). We have held crusades there as well as seen masses healed, saved, and delivered just in the market area more than once. This time around we only had 50 minutes to quickly go and visit some people in their homes. So when the team were all paired up and on their way my friend Pastora Helen and I went door knocking. 

At the first house we went to there were just some teenage girls home. They seemed to recognize me and invited us inside while one of them ran off. She came running back with her mum following close behind. As they both came in I recognized the mum, and she definitely recognized me. She started to tell me her story. It turns out that I had prayed for her three years earlier and she’d been healed of a very life threatening fever. In fact, she told me, that the day I came she was preparing to die and when I prayed for her a cool breeze went through her body and she was %100 healed and strengthened. Not only that but she hadn’t been sick for the three years after! Some of her family were sick and in pain so after catching up we prayed for them and they were all totally healed.

At the next house we went to we were greeted by a lady at the door that seemed very happy and surprised to see me. She said that I’d prayed for her 3 years ago when she had a dangerously high fever and she was instantly healed. She went on to say that she was also preparing to die of the fever that day until I came and Jesus completely healed her, on the same day and of the same thing as the lady in house 1!! She continued to tell me that for the last 2 years she had suffered with constant and extreme pain down her left leg and on the left side of her face, she had not gone one minute without the agonizing pain in two years! So we prayed and instantly a smile came on her face and tears filled her eyes as all of the pain evaporated from her body! Yay Jesus! For the next 30 minutes we saw many more amazing miracles and got to meet many more amazing people that we will meet again on our next trip.


Tumour no more – Puka Werohia

One of my highlights on the trip and a memorial stone I received was when we were leading a leaders / pastors conference in Butuan. On the second day just before lunch and just after Matt had finished preaching, Matt called up anyone who had blind eyes, deaf ears and any cancer or lumps. One older lady got up from her seat and walked to the front holding her stomach. I saw both of them talking and decided to go over to see if she had a lump or cancer because I made a decision after losing my mum on the day I arrived in Manilla to a brain tumour, to go after any cancer, tumour or lumps. I walked over to find she had a tumour the size of tennis ball in her stomach. I got excited to see what God was going to do. Matt and I put our hands over her shoulders and held her hands. Matt prayed, “Lump, I command you to shrink right now,..’ she was pushed back and started laughing. We asked how she felt and if she could still feel the lump. She replied, “ I can still feel it but it’s shrunk!” she showed us how big it was now and it would have been the size of a golf ball now. So we celebrated what God was doing and went back for round two. This time Matt allowed me the chance to pray for the tumour. So I started to pray and commanded it to completely disappear. She burst out in laughter again, which is a good sign of healing. After she collected herself up again we asked if it was still there, she started poking her stomach and said, “It’s all gone! There’s no more, I can’t feel it!” She was so happy! She said that she was in pain the whole morning and she could hardly sit; now there was no more pain and no lump! AAAAAAHHH! Jesus is so good! Yay.

-Note from Matt-

This testimony was massively impacting for me as well for obvious reasons. I got to stand with a young man that has learnt to trust in, and has come to know the goodness of God. As Puka mentioned in the testimony, his mother tragically died of a brain tumour the day we arrived in the Philippines after fighting it for 15 years. This was obviously impacting on the whole team but especially Puka. It was a privilege and an honour to stand with one of my spiritual sons and watch him lean into God’s goodness in spite of the situation and take dominion over the devil that killed his mother only days earlier. Wow!


Los Banos Public Hospital – Dean Alderton

We entered a room to see a young girl sitting in a semi-foetal position in a hospital bed. Her mother and older sister are with her. Through the interpreter I ascertained that the young girl had been admitted ten days earlier in pain and unable to stand. She had pain through her bones and was unable to even sit up straight. When they had tried to get her to stand, her legs shook in pain under her and collapsed. The doctors have been unable to diagnose the problem and were therefore unable to prescribe a remedy.

We asked her and her mother if we could pray for her and share some of the goodness of God. They both agreed and we began to release healing into her body. The young girl responded by saying that something was happening in her legs and straightened them out a little, but said there was still pain. We laid hands on her shoulders and lower legs and commanded all pain leave her body and that her body align with heaven and be completely made whole. She said that all the pain left and she was able to straighten her shoulders and sit upright. We asked if she would allow us to see if she could now stand. She said yes and we assisted her to swing her legs over the side of the bed.

To the astonishment of her family she stood unaided for the first time in weeks. A female doctor looked on with tears in her eyes. Jesus had just turned up big time. We thanked the young girl and her family for the privilege of being able to minister to them and left three smiling faces.


To be continued very soon...

Matt Lansdowne and other team members

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