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Our new government and true leadership

By Andy Piggott, 25 September 2014  

This is not a political post, it is an inspiration for leadership.  If you mistake this as a political post and make dishonourable comments about PM John Key, National or Labour Government etc, then you have read this blog wrong and your comment will be immediately deleted on the basis of your dishonour being incongruent on a website that promotes honour.

Prime Minister John Key is not the leader of our nation.  PM John Key is the leader of the government of our nation.  A nation is lead by more than government.  PM John Key has a significant role in the leadership of this nation, but he is not the sole leader of this nation.

I have honour for PM John Key.  As an aside, I would have honour for whoever was leading the government of our nation, whether the leaders of Greens, Labour or any other party.  If Paul could ask his disciples to honour the Emperor when Nero, one of the most deranged, blood-thirsty men to walk our planet was in power, then I can honour any leader of our government.  And, of course, I honour not because they deserve it or because I agree with them, but because I am honourable.

In a democracy, more-or-less the government voted in, is but a mirror image of the state of the nation.  A reflection. 77% of our nation voted for whom they felt most aligned with in their own individual core values.  These individual core values summed up, make the sum core values of our nation.  The elected government is an imperfect but more-or-less embodiment of these sum core values of our 4.5 million individuals.  So our government more reflects, as opposed to influences, the state of our nation.

Our nation votes in government, government does not vote in our nation.  The nation influences the government far more so than the government influences the nation.  The government only exists because the nation put it there!  The nation births the government, the government does not birth the nation.  One is mumma, the other the child.  The child learns pretty quick, don’t mess with mumma, she can be brutal!

And so if PM John Key leads the government in a way that does not mirror the core values of the nation, he is out next election.  Simple.  So in a sense, his leadership is constrained within this mirror reflection of society.  If he goes outside the mirror, he is not reflecting the core values of our nation and he is voted out next term.   As the leader of a democratic, voted in government, his responsibility is to mirror the core values of the majority.  If he gets this right, he may be in again next term.  Suffice to say, he is being lead by the nation more so than he is leading the nation.

So let me summarize again my statement - PM John Key is not the leader of our nation, he is the leader of the government of our nation.  The government of our nation is a reflection of our nation because our nation voted it in according to our sum core values.

So who then are the leaders influencing the nation?  The leadership question is, “Who are those who influence the core values of the nation?  And then, that already influenced nation, out if it’s core values, vote in a government that reflects it?”

Yes PM John Key is an influencer and a leader in our nation.  But not the leader.  

The leadership of this nation is handled collectively by those who are influencing the people.  Who influences the people?  Media can do that.  Educators can do that.  Of course government can do that within it’s already outlined constraints.  Business leaders can do that.  Mothers can do that.  Church and religious leaders can do that.

Other leaders do not have the constraints of needing to mirror the combined core values of the people.  Other leaders outside government, can influence and lead the core values of the people, rather than work within the core values of the people like government is constrained to.  Obviously non-governmental leaders are constrained too, if they are way out there, they will only attract those small groups of people who are “way out there” too.  But they are not as constrained as government leaders, they have a little more elbow room to move in.   

PM John Key is not the only leader of our nation.  The leaders of our nation are those who are standing up in their areas of influence and are influencing the core values of the people who then vote.  

These are the true leaders of our nation.  Some of us need to choose to be those leaders and stop looking to others who are constrained within this mirror to lead us.  Some of us need to see our government is not the only leadership access point to our nation.  That leadership can flow more freely out of other access points, with less constraints, which in turn can shift core values in people’s hearts.  Which in turn shifts the nation again.

You are not hearing me say dishonour or forget about the government!  Honour the government and it’s leadership AND realize the state of the nation doesn’t rise or fall completely dependent upon this one area of leadership!

So, if Government is only a mirror reflection of the nation.  The empowering question is, "What do you want to see when our nation looks in the mirror?"

Our nation needs you.  Lead well in whatever sphere of influence you are in! God bless you.


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