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Love looks like something

21 January 2012  

It is our conviction that God has given us a mandate to shine and demonstrate His wild, relentless, and radical love in our city. A fire has been set in our hearts to make His love concrete and incarnate in and through our lives. Heidi Baker says, “Love looks like something”, and the endless love of God towards our city and our world looks like something so great and so powerful, it takes the supernatural grace of God in the Holy Spirit to even begin to imagine it. His love is just so good! And so itching to touch and transform every life, every city, and every nation on the Earth.

Every Friday night we take an ever-growing team of revivalist lovers - mainly from our Church - into the streets of our beloved city Whangarei to share and demonstrate His love with NO other agenda. We call this “The Love Revival” this is just one of the ways we have chosen to concretely release God’s love in our city. Our only agenda is to show people that they are loved by us and loved by God. We have discovered that as we go to love people with no agenda God has poured out His power and super natural grace on the love to make it all the more powerful and effective in peoples lives. We have found that God’s power, the miraculous, and the prophetic flow most freely -  by far - on His agenda less love. When His love hits someone it looks like something, He has given us His power to love with, His grace to love with, the prophetic to love with and it’s His love that opens hearts and transforms lives on every level.

I’m writing this blog on a Sat morning. Last night we had many amazing love breakouts occur. I just want to share one with you. We had about 10 minutes before we had to leave to get back to our meeting place, so we decided we had time for one last drive by love breakout. One of the young girls on my team (12 years old) suggested with great excitement that we go to the Woolworths car park – she was sure that there would be some people there that needed to encounter God’s love. And sure enough as we pulled up there was a car full of tough looking, intoxicated young adults. Their car had run out of gas, so – with our love switches on full – we asked them if they needed some money for gas, they were shocked at the offer and said $5 would be all they needed. So I went into Woolworths to get them $10 cash.

On the way back to give them the cash I asked God if there was anything else I could bless them with. I heard God say “right shoulder”. So when I got to the car – after they had thanked me for the money with that perplexed look, wondering what the catch was – I asked them if any of them had pain in their right shoulder. They freaked out and said that all of them had injured their shoulder. There were 3 people in the car, 1 of them had injured their right shoulder and one had really injured his left shoulder. In the excitement I – unfortunately - didn’t even get time to check with the 3rd person. They were shocked that I knew about their injuries and were very welcoming of my prayer. I said to them that God wanted to heal them to show them how much He loved them. They didn’t believe that God could love them because of all the wrong they’d done but I reassured them that He loved them because of who they are not what they’ve done. I then suggested that what was about to take place would prove that God loved them.

Firstly I prayed for the lady that had injured her right shoulder, she was instantly healed.

Everyone was amazed and visibly impacted by Gods goodness. I call it the, “healed face”, it’s similar to the look a deer has when stunned by a cars head lights. After the stunned look there is always an outburst of emotion and excitement. I love seeing love blast people. The man that had injured his shoulder was next in line. He said to me, “mate this is not just a little bit of muscle pain, I’ve had reconstructive surgery, my shoulder is *^##@ %%&*@#” he then showed me that he could only lift his arm to the level of his chin, and this was using all of his effort and obviously was causing him a lot of pain. I assured him that it was ok, God loved him and regardless of how messed up his shoulder was God wanted to fix it for him because He loved him. So I laid hands on him, released the love of God and commanded it to be healed.

I didn’t need to ask him to check it out… Still sitting in the car he started lifting his arm to touch the roof and had no pain! He was totally “gob smacked”. He started jumping in the car with excitement trying to get out so he could fully test his arm. When he got out he summoned everyone’s attention and showed us that he could now lift his arm vertically in the air. God gave him back %100 movement, resetting muscle, tendons, and even bone to do it. Words can’t describe the excitement and love that invaded that parking lot last night. God invaded those lives with His radical love in the most tangible and concrete way.

We believe that love looks like something. It’s not just an idea or something we talk about. It’s something we walk out and intentionally release everywhere we go. Love is the bedrock of His nature and the foundation of everything He does, when we walk outside of love we walk out side of God. Jesus was a walking “love revival” exploding Pappas love everywhere He went. As the Father sent Him so He has sent us to shine away the darkness with lives that continually shine and demonstrate His radical, powerful, relentless, never-ending, transforming love. 

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