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Kingdom hearted people in a season of going deeper

By Andy Piggott, 25 May 2017  

In many ways the Kingdom of Heaven works upside down to how much of society works.  For example, in the Kingdom, to receive you give, to be exalted you go low, to minister the Spirit outwardly you go to Christ within, to lead you serve, and to go wider you go deeper.

Part of wisdom is discerning the season and then actioning in alignment to that season.  If it’s a season of depth, then you know it is a season of the Spirit going wider as well.  We named our Kingdom Expansion Conference this year Deeper.  You are invited to Kingdom Expansion - Deeper with Leif Hetland on August 4-5.  We sense the Kingdom family going deeper into His face and deeper into knowing and loving one another.  As we go deeper, we see His face more clearly, a beautiful face overflowing with understanding and love.  We see one another more clearly too as beloved sons and daughters of this very good God.  As we leave the surface, we can say, “we no longer regard anyone as according to the flesh” (2Cor 5:16) because our eyes see deeper.

Bill Johnson gave a major apostolic rebuke to many national church leaders about 3 years ago in New Zealand.  He shared how one of the main reasons we have not received the harvest we have been praying for for decades in the Western world, is because “God is protecting the world from the church”.  

My thought is that that word has an expiration date to it.  And it’s expiration date draws nigh.  Many churches are presenting a God that looks more like the way Jesus described Him, rather than some ‘Jehovah Scary’ figure who is way up in the sky leering over us with a rule book and a stick to punish us.

As the veil of protection for the world lifts off the church, it begins to shine and then in this season the harvest comes in.  New people coming in meeting Christ for the first time are able to meet people freed from the bondage of religion and into the joy of a God who looks like Jesus.  Now their discipleship and growth is not hindered by wrong-headed views of God and one another.  They can enter into beautiful Kingdom families where they can begin to flourish as growing sons and daughters.  

But it all starts with going deeper.  Now is the season to go deeper into who He is and see Him clearer.  Now is the season to go deeper into relationship with one another to be the church that is a genuine Kingdom family filled with love, one for another.  As we go deeper, we can carry His presence wider - the river increases in width, depth and flow.  His presence begins to fill cities and reap a harvest.  Now is the season for the Kingdom hearted people all across New Zealand to take seriously the one new command of Christ, “As I have loved you, so love one another”.  The Kingdom-hearted are going deeper in New Zealand and we would love for you to come join the celebration at Kingdom Expansion - Deeper, with Leif Hetland in August 4-5.

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