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Jesus' forgotten Job title: the Estimator

By Andy Piggott, 24 April 2012  

Redemption is from the English word redeem.

To 'deem' is to 'judge, regard, consider, to estimate worth'. Infact in the 17th Century Judges in a court of law were called “Deemsters”. For example the word deem would be used in phrases like, “I deem that this is good”, “I deem you valuable”, “I deem your labour worthy of 5 talents”. So therefore to re-deem is to re-judge or re-estimate worth. Redemption is therefore the process of re-estimating worth.

 So a primary facet of Christ's redemption is the re-judging and the re-estimation of the worth (or the glory) of humanity. Christ came when humanity judged itself deathly, sinful, sick and enslaved, disconnected from God and guilty. Christ came with redemption to put truth and power against those lies we had about our human sense of worthlessness and simply say, “NO! Wrong view on reality, wrong view on your worth! Humanity, you are saints, full of life, whole, powerful, blameless and connected to your Father God! You are so worthy, you have glory”.

How did He say it? Well actions speak louder than words! By going all the way to the cross to redeem us, or to re-estimate our worth for us, in that statement Jesus Himself radically redefined our worth. As He was dying on the cross for us in the greatest act of redemption it was as if He screamed out, not in words but by His actions, “Humanity, you are this worthy to me, I am willing to pay any price to show you your worth to my heart, humanity you are worth my life”. It is as if God was saying “I would rather die than not have you! That is how valuable and worthy you are to Me”.

We hear a lot of “God is judge” messages out there how He is judging this nation for that sin and this people group for this sin etc.. Well, it's partially true – God is indeed judge, but He's judging completely for you, not against you, He slammed His judge's gavel down on Calvary's hill and while the devil said "judge them guilty", God's actions said, "I judge humanity as worth my all!"

The more valuable the treasure the greater the price-tag – no greater price-tag was paid than the one Jesus paid for you and I. We are of incredible, inexpressable worth! So inexpressable infact is our worth, that Jesus the greatest Teacher ever could not express it in mere words, only in one wild, reckless love act – the cross.

Please shine your worth today - you've been redeemed, you've been re-judged, you've been re-estimated as glorious.  Jesus fulfills to perfection the job description of Estimator!

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