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Free to Love Marriage Workshop

By Andy Piggott, 16 March 2014  


After being married for over 20 years we have tasted love and it made us hungry for more. We are learning that there are limitations on our side – to receive and give love – we can actually overcome. That’s what this marriage workshop is all about – ­­to learn to be free to love. If you long for a deeper emotional connection to your spouse and want to reach a higher level of intimacy, this workshop is a great opportunity to accelerate your growth. We will share our hearts and want to journey with you on our way to become freer to love.

When we grow we also change. We change the way we see, think, act, and even feel. We believe that effective change can happen through dealing with roots and healing of hurts, rather than trying to just change our behaviour. The workshop provides an environment where you are invited to experience healing and growth in community with others that are on a similar journey to yours. Experience the life changing power of transparency and vulnerability.

We will explore ways to get in touch and unlock our own hearts to freely love ourselves and our spouses.  You will learn easy, yet powerful tools to apply after the workshop on your livelong journey of growth. We will also go after understanding the freedom each individual person has received and needs to walk in. Where there is no freedom love cannot live.

The Format is a workshop, which means you can shop a lot but you have to work for it. There will be teaching and activation, as well as individual, couple, and small group times. You will be part of a small group, where you can be known and experience love and honour from your spouse and other people for who you are. This is going to be a safe place, so be brave and cross over the chicken line. 

7 to 14 April 2014, four nights and one whole Saturday

Get more information and apply online using following link:


By Theo and Cornelia Eggenberg, 15. March 2014

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