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Fiery Powerful Love

By Andy Piggott, 4 August 2014  

This is a poem I wrote and shared at our first service in the old Heaven Nightclub building.  It articulates something of who we are as the people of this Kingdom movement of love that is spreading out across the planet right now like wild fire.  I'm sure you'll identify with some of the stanzas.  Enjoy!


I am fiery, powerful love

I am the rumbling of thunder

Over the dry and barren plain

The promise of imminent rain


I am the clenched fist of defiance

Wrenching out the darkness

Over the hopeless mind

Declaring it’s time to shine


I am the roar of the ocean

Relentless against the cliff

No backing down - baptized in this cry

Hammering down on the lie


I am the steely gaze of flint

That sees through heavens eyes

looking through the dirt

Reaching beyond their hurt


I am the words of the prophet

Echoing through the streets

Do not give up this fight

Our cities are waiting - glistening white


I am the stamina of the forerunner

Pounding the pathways of hope

With dust encrusted feet

Implanting courage to your heart beat


I am the forging of the anvil

A yielded tool laid down

With joy paying any price

A willing and living sacrifice


I am the hands of the warrior

Holding high the arms of the weak

Lifting up their gaze

Shouting promise of better days


I am the trumpet blast of victory

that only has one note

Harmonizing with Heaven’s song

Our God has been good all along


I am the sharpening of the swords edge

The shrill sound of coming fight

Flame of passion brightly fanned

Advancing as a weapon in His hand


I am the point of the spear

Penetrating the veil of shame

Showing not all is as it seems

I’ll fight beside you for your dreams


I am the arrow that strikes the target

With bow bent back taught

Unfailing in flight

Piercing into the night


I am the Father that holds the child

Wiping away orphan’s tear

Forearms of embrace

Comfort to the human race


I am the hand on the chin

Lifting it to the sky

shouting to the despair

There is no place for you here


I am the torch in the prison cell

The glimmering flicker of hope

In gloom of despair giving light

A dawning is coming to your night


I am the siege tower of resolve

Laying waste to wicked garrisons

Battering down hell’s gate

Trampling over the hate


I am the freedom dance of cultures redeemed

A movement of sound crashing forth like a wave

Each nation shall sing it’s unique praise

Before His throne their own song will raise


I am the axehead smashing at the root

Laying waste to religious blindness

Cleaning the mud off my Father’s face

His beauty the world shall taste


I am the nail of the reformation

Holding the signpost for winds of change

That is Hammered into the door

His Kingdom power in the hands of the poor


I am blistering lightning

Awakening the sky

With heaven’s momentum from above

I am fiery, powerful love

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