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The Beautiful Mess of the Cross

By Stephen Scott, 5 September 2017

One of the most beautiful, yet messy displays of love in the history of humanity was the cross. A man beaten, bruised and cut at His side, laying down His life for the people He deeply loved. Amongst the tears of the immense pain, He felt, as death approached Him, something deeper was taking place than just His death. He was giving birth to an expression of intimacy that humanity had never seen before, but that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit always had together. I first caught a glimpse into this intimacy as my heart was moved by the Father as He spoke to me on my birthday earlier this year.

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Supernatural Belonging

By Stephen Scott, 6 July 2017

Deep inside every heart is a place longing to be known, to be seen and to be experienced. This longing in our hearts is a cry to be a part of something bigger than just ourselves - to be a part of something where there is an undeniable connection to one another. This desire in the heart of humanity was a good gift given by the Father at the very beginning, who by nature, was the very answer to this cry. I first encountered this gift from the Father while weeping on the floor of a church in Tauranga.

Kingdom hearted people in a season of going deeper

By Andy Piggott, 25 May 2017

In many ways the Kingdom of Heaven works upside down to how much of society works.  For example, in the Kingdom, to receive you give, to be exalted you go low, to minister the Spirit outwardly you go to Christ within, to lead you serve, and to go wider you go deeper.

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Healing through Reconciliation Lifestyle

By Theo Eggenberg, 16 February 2016

Recently, as I was thinking about past memories with our kids, I was reminded of a fun project my son and I did when he was about 7 years old. We were given a portable basketball hoop that was adjustable in height. The back-board was broken and needed to be replaced. My son was so excited to get his own basketball hoop that we could place right in front of our house on the paved driveway. Instead of buying a new board we were making one out of wood and painted it nicely in white with outside lining and the inner rectangle in black. To get straight lines I was using tape and let my son do most of the painting. We were both very pleased with the end result and had a lot of fun playing together with our own basketball hoop over the next few years. I don’t know who of us was more proud of that project - especially of the professionally painted back-board. 

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Christmas – the celebration of reconciliation

By Theo Eggenberg, 18 December 2015

Very soon – during the coming Christmas season, we will spend some time with our close and distant family members. At the very least we will make phone calls and write e-mails to reconnect to some degree.   Christmas - the celebration of the ultimate reconciliation, reminds us of our need to feel that we belong to a family and that we are accepted and loved for who we are. Deep inside we long to be reconciled with our family and basically to anybody we feel connected to. I believe that the vast majority of us are thinking about ways how our relationships can become better during this coming holiday season. We are made to function with love – that’s why we have this deep desire to feel loved and are willing to sacrificially love others. 

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Silver Tongue of Proclamation

By Wayne Johns, 18 November 2015

Gen 1:27 tells us that human beings are made in God’s image.  That is a wonderful and profound reality that distinguishes us from every other life form on the planet.  We have dignity, we have meaning and we have the opportunity to connect with the God who created us. 

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The power of the blood

By Andy Piggott, 20 May 2015

The beatitudes from Matthew Chapter 5 are bundled up together and summarized in the cross.  At the cross Jesus is poor in Spirit, mourning and meek. He is hungering and thirsting (“I thirst”), merciful (“forgive them father, they know not what they do”), pure in heart (they pierced His side and water comes out from his heart), He is making peace and certainly is persecuted for righteousness sake.

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State of Being

By Andy Piggott, 14 May 2015

"I had heard of people getting visions, trances and all sorts of encounters and prophetic experiences, but it never happened for me", responded the aged apostle to me.  "I'd fasted weeks on end for many years for visions but I didn't get a single one" he continued. Personally, I was deeply engaged in this conversation, the old man had seen thousands of churches planted, undoubtedly over one million souls born again, probably hundreds of thousands of physical miracles including countless wheelchairs emptied and blind seeing, and I felt I was about to discover something that would help me profoundly.  I wasn't disappointed.

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Occupying the Heavens

By Andy Piggott, 14 April 2015

Ephesians 6 troubles me. Deeply.  Paul has spent 4 chapters making a giant case for the risen, ascended Christ being in the seat of highest authority above every other invisible seat of authority.  That the creation, both Heaven and Earth, is made of, among many other things, invisible positions of authority that, when occupied, give power to the occupier to exert influence over the created order.  He has shown how these seats of authority in the Heavens are occupied by demon powers, some translations use the term 'principalities' - dark spirit personalities and the systems of bondage they build.  But that Christ has, in his ascent, smashed through every layer of authority, and sits on top of the lot - far above infact.  

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Who is Santa Claus? Part 2: Reformer, Leader, History shaper

By Matt Lansdowne, 23 December 2014


As I began to mention in my last blog Santa was not only known for the miracles that he performed he was a significant influencer in world history. He was one of the pioneering fathers and a prominent historical leader in the Christian Church and has greatly influenced our experience of Christianity today. 

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