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Matt and Renee

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Andy and Diana Piggott - Senior Leaders

Andy and Diana have been married since 2005 and are the senior leaders of Bethel Church in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Before the turning point in Andy's life he had only been confronted with arguments for Christ. When he first experienced the presence and supernatural demonstration of God it brought a change of heart that no argument had been able to generate. As a consequence, due to the impact of this on his own life, he has set his heart after the tangible presence and demonstration of the power of God to reveal the love of God towards all of humanity.

Through various prophetic experiences and encounters Andy and Diana have come to know that the main thing is to pursue deep connection in relationship with God. Even revival and supernatural power must not be a distraction from the ever deepening experience of "knowing Christ Jesus" (Phil 3:8).

This quest for His presence led them as a married couple to give up all and go to Bethel Church in Redding, California with Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson to be a part of the revival culture at Bethel. God began to lay on their hearts the mission for the planting of a church in Northland, New Zealand as an apostolic base to bring reformation and cultural transformation to New Zealand. Their hearts burn for the Kingdom of God to truly manifest on earth, just the same as it is in Heaven, in every town and city of New Zealand.

Diana's heart is for God's divine structures to be set up, not just in churches, but in government, education and businesses all across the nation to facilitate the flow of Heaven to earth. Andy burns for supernatural evangelism, releasing identity to the saints, reformation in the church through revelatory teaching and cultural transformation in towns and cities through revival and the love and wisdom of God.

Together they lead at Bethel Church New Zealand where they are surrounded by incredible leaders and are seeing the raising up of powerful sons and daughters of God who go out in the love of God, demonstrating and advancing His Kingdom with signs, miracles and wonders.

Matt and Renee Lansdowne – Senior Associate Leaders

Matt and Renee have been happily married since 2006. They have two beautiful children, Ariella and Sienna, and are the senior associate leaders of Bethel Church NZ. Matt is also the director of Kingdom Life School NZ.

They were both born and raised In New Zealand and are proud Kiwis. In 2010 Matt and Renee graduated from two years at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, they now reside in Whangarei NZ. 

They are both fully committed to releasing and establishing the love, power, and Presence of God in New Zealand and the nations of the earth. They have been baptized into a vision for total Kingdom reformation and revival – a true, genuine, and full manifestation of Heaven on Earth through the children of God.

Matt and Renee have a deep seated passion and calling to see the people of God rise up into a full awareness of who they are and what they carry. They are actively training, equipping, activating, and empowering the people of God to know their true value and identity as well as equipping the Church in NZ and the nations to know God and live normal Christian lives (defined by the life of Jesus) with miracles, signs and wonders, freedom and the fruits of the Spirit flourishing.

Matt met God and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 2001 in his car outside a friend’s house. Since then his life has been surrounded by radical encounters with God and a burning desire for others to know the same reality and closeness of God. As well as leading at Bethel Church NZ he now travels around NZ and abroad teaching, preaching and releasing the Kingdom of God in churches, conferences, schools, and communities with miracles, signs and wonders, and equipping the people of God to live naturally supernatural, following the example laid out by Jesus. Matt is a forerunner and a pioneer whose life is marked by an intimate relationship with God, an all consuming love for His Presence, the miraculous, and a call to shift cultures and mindsets until they reflect Heavens culture and mindset.

Renee is a talented photographer, wonderful mother, and a wild revivalist. She has a strong prophetic gift and a heart for seeing the broken made whole and free. She carries an amazing revelation of God’s love and compassion through which many are set free.

Together they are living their dream, and are thankful for everything God is doing in and through them and the community that has begun to gather around them.