Welcome to Bethel Church in Whangarei

God is sending us and the Spirit of the Lord is on Bethel Church New Zealand to bring people into their true identities. You as a shining light, royal son or daughter in the covenant love of God. Every person encountering God and entering their full glorious calling and potential.

Out of this comes the pioneering and expansion of the Kingdom of God as it breaks through onto the earth. Powerful people demonstrating and establishing the Kingdom so that the world experiences the Kingdom of God on earth, just as it is in Heaven. Be welcome and inspired!

The Beautiful Mess of the Cross

Posted on 5 September 2017

One of the most beautiful, yet messy displays of love in the history of humanity was the cross. A man beaten, bruised and cut at His side, laying down His life for the people He deeply loved. Amongst the tears of the immense pain, He felt, as death approached Him, something deeper was taking place than just His death. He was giving birth to an expression of intimacy that humanity had never seen before, but that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit always had together. I first caught a glimpse into this intimacy as my heart was moved by the Father as He spoke to me on my birthday earlier this year.

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